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Training Course on Applications of Behavioral Insights in Regulatory Management

BIs are utilized by governments to improve efficiency and effectiveness policymaking efforts and decision-making processes (OECD, 2021). BIs rely on behavioral economics, psychology, and social sciences that can contribute to better policies.

Promoting behavioral change is a central goal of regulation, as demonstrated during the pandemic when governments used regulatory approaches to impose measures to contain and mitigate COVID-19 transmission. Recognizing the potential of BIs to enhance regulatory effectiveness, organizations worldwide have started integrating behavioral approaches into their regulatory frameworks and applying BIs to improve compliance rates, reduce regulatory burdens, and achieve better outcomes.

This course will explain the importance of behavioral factors in shaping regulatory outcomes, building public-sector capacity to adopt BIs for better regulations, increasing public-sector capacity to use behavioral and social science insights for evidence-based policymaking.

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Date 11 September 2023 -
15 September 2023
Organizer Malaysia Productivity Corporation
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