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Training Course on Blockchain Application

Blockchains, a disruptive technology, are currently affecting various sectors and have the potential to bring about significant changes in the economic, social, and cultural fabric of society. The WEF has identified 21 promising technologies, including the wearable internet, ubiquitous computing, the IoT, and AI-based decision-making, as transformative forces shaping the future.

Despite the control exercised by large, trusted intermediaries over the movement, storage, and allocation of finances and assets, inefficiencies persist. Addressing challenges in the status quo, cryptoassets, smart contracts, new identity systems, and innovative financial business models can help overcome these inefficiencies. At the core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, blockchains are an area where cryptographic theory and network technology are applied in a complex manner.

The APO has been promoting blockchains in its members through various methodologies including a recent workshop in 2023. This training course is a continuing effort to provide individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses with the tools needed to level the playing field and benefit from the value they create.

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Date 02 April 2024 -
05 April 2024
Organizer National Productivity Council, India and APO Secretariat
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