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Training Course on Blockchain Technology Application in e-Government

In the evolving digital landscape, governments in APO members are recognizing the potential of AI and blockchains for enhanced public services and citizen engagement. These technologies can strengthen egovernment programs, promote public administration transformation, and provide transparent and secure public services.

Blockchains are an emerging, disruptive technology that have the potential to transform ICT services. In blockchains, transactions are approved and validated with the consensus of a majority of stakeholders. Blockchains, augmented virtual reality, and AI are expected to improve digital public services in the future.

APO has promoting this technology to member countries for the past few years by focusing on SMEs and other sectors. To continue these efforts and as part of APO public-sector productivity capacity-building initiatives, this training will introduce and strengthen applications of blockchain solutions in the public sector to establish more secure, agile, cost-effective structures while increasing trust and accountability.

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Date 05 August 2024 -
09 August 2024
Organizer National Productivity Centre of Cambodia
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