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Training Course on Building Reliable Supply Chains

Reliable supply chains evolve with the efficient management of material, product, and information flows. The rapid development of technology in supply chain management using blockchains, environment-friendly technologies, AI, and automation contribute to optimizing productivity and achieving competitive advantage. However, these technologies expose enterprises to issues related to data security, integration complexity, high implementation costs, skill gaps among workers, and technological capability gaps among suppliers and partners.

A 2023 report by McKinsey & Company stated that autonomous supply chain planning could increase revenue by up to 4% and lower costs by up to 10%. Meanwhile, ADBI research recommended that Asian economies build digital backbones and talent to stay abreast of rapid changes in technology and develop supply chain resilience. This training course will enhance the ability to manage reliable manufacturing supply chains with the support of advanced technology.

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Date 24 June 2024 -
28 June 2024
Sri Lanka
Organizer National Productivity Secretariat, Sri Lanka and APO Secretariat
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