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Training Course on Building Social Innovation Systems

Social innovation systems refer to interconnections in the development, diffusion, and utilization of new methods for addressing social issues and challenges. Stronger social innovation ecosystems facilitate better diffusion of ideas to tackle issues, resulting in improved citizens’ welfare. This in turn contributes to productivity growth.

A strong innovation ecosystem fosters entrepreneurship, business creation, and expanded employment opportunities. When new ideas are transformed into business creation, challenges can be overcome through innovation and entrepreneurship. Social innovation systems involve actors and elements from different sectors supported by legal and cultural norms, infrastructure, and other elements related to developing, diffusing, and utilizing innovation to address social issues.

Based on the above, this training course will provide a comprehensive understanding of how to build structured, effective social innovation systems.

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Date 01 July 2024 -
05 July 2024
Organizer Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality, Vietnam and APO Secretariat
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