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Training Course on Customer Experience Design for Productivity

According to research conducted by Accenture in 2022, 61% of customers reported that their priority had changed due to external factors such as the pandemic, inflation, and climate change. These have influenced the ways customers interact with companies, and CX design also evolved to satisfy new expectations. CX design is a concept to improve products and service quality, focusing on feedback on customer support, product design, and marketing. It is also applicable to publicsector services. Many customers use the internet to gather product information, make purchasing decisions, and give feedback via social network services; hence, it is necessary to engage them and make them feel valued in the purchasing process.

Human-centered technologies increase customer satisfaction through personalized interactions and/or avoidance of repetition. Establishing a corporate philosophy to meet customer needs also helps create competitive business models.

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Date 19 June 2023 -
23 June 2023
Organizer Singapore Productivity Centre
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