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Training Course on Cybersecurity Management Systems

According to reports by McKinsey and CISCO published in 2021 and 2022, damage from cyberattacks will reach approximately USD10.5 trillion per year by 2025, a 300% rise from 2015. Forty-three percent of cyberattacks target small organizations, while 47% of small enterprises are not prepared. It is thus clear that CS is a major concern for many organizations, especially SMEs. In addition, during the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing shifts to remote and roaming work made businesses of all sizes more vulnerable to threats and attacks. Cybercrime is now considered the number one global problem, with cyberattacks a bigger threat to humanity than nuclear weapons. This has also become a matter of national security.

Therefore, effective CS management systems can help in creating and maintaining effective risk management strategies by understanding organizational vulnerabilities, monitoring and analyzing potential threats, and implementing appropriate safeguards.

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Date 16 May 2023 -
19 May 2023
Republic of Korea
Organizer Korea Productivity Center and APO Secretariat
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