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Training Course on Foresight for Public-sector Organizations

The world has seen myriad challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Governments are now more concerned than ever about the future and planning for disruptions before they occur. Thinking about the future and imagining what is to come are difficult because of the accelerated pace of change and increased uncertainty. Governments and organizations are therefore emphasizing the use of foresight in policymaking. This involves exploring and preparing for diverse possible developments in efforts to future-proof strategies, identify new potential opportunities and challenges, and design innovative ways of improving well-being under rapidly evolving circumstances.

In 2015, the Global Centre for Public Service Excellence defined foresight as “a strategic long-term planning tool for developing countries,” including processes of anticipation which identify opportunities and threats in mid- to long-term versions of the future. Foresight also encourages innovation, strategic evaluation, and the proactive shaping of the future.

The APO has undertaken strategic foresight and scenario planning projects to support member countries, especially the public sector and NPOs, in their capacity-building initiatives, specifically in addressing strategic challenges. This course will equip participants with tools and techniques that can be used by governments to address the challenges of long-term planning in the face of uncertainty and accelerating change combined with complex adaptive systems thinking, becoming anticipatory, and remaining agile in the future.

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Date 13 December 2022 -
16 December 2022
Sri Lanka
Organizer National Productivity Secretariat, Sri Lanka, and APO Secretariat
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