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Training Course on Gainsharing in Agribusiness Enterprises

Gainsharing, a human resources strategy, aims to enhance employee motivation and innovation, thereby boosting overall corporate efficiency and results. This is achieved by rewarding employees for their contributions to increased productivity and performance, benefiting both staff and management through enhanced output. However, this practice is underutilized in the agricultural sector. A report by Plant Tracker in 2023 stated that the agriculture sector faced profit distribution imbalances, with farmers earning only 13% of global food system profits, as opposed to the 47% and 34% accrued by food retailers and distributors, respectively. Hence, the implementation of systematic gainsharing systems could significantly enhance productivity among agribusiness stakeholders, including farmers and producers. Expanding the scope of gainsharing could also address skewed profit distribution by advocating for national policies such as minimum support price schemes, and showcasing successful global initiatives and approaches.

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Date 20 May 2024 -
24 May 2024
Organizer Development Academy of the Philippines
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