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Training Course on Green Productivity

The Glasgow Climate Pact, which was the outcome of the UN Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP 26) held in November 2021, aimed to limit the rise in global temperature to 1.5°C by focusing on mitigation, adaptation, financing, and collaboration. More than 150 countries that contribute over 90% of world GDP have made net-zero commitments and set new 2030 emission targets. Moreover, emerging capacity-building gaps and the need to catalyze climate action are recognized.

The Asia-Pacific region mainly consists of developing and least developed countries that need to explore pathways and adopt methods to achieve their emission reduction targets as soon as possible. They must also encourage industrial growth while simultaneously reducing dependency on finite natural resources to sustain economic progress. The APO introduced the GP concept in 1994 to combine productivity and quality enhancement with better environmental performance. In the current scenario of globalization, business volatility, and constraints related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the implementation of GP methodology can help enterprises improve their competitiveness and maintain profitability, leading to overall greener growth.

In the APO Vision 2025 of Inclusive, Innovation-led Productivity Growth, the promotion and adoption of GP is one of the strategic thrusts. Since 2001, various projects have been conducted to build a critical mass of GP specialists who can act as consultants, trainers, and promoters to assist industry in decoupling business growth from environmental degradation. The introduction of the Accreditation Program in 2018 elevated the role of the APO as an accreditation body to develop and accredit NPOs to become certification bodies (CBs) of GP specialists. The related productivity specialist and publicsector productivity specialist schemes were also introduced. The APO-GPS 201:2019: Certification Scheme and Competency Standards for GP Specialists details the requirements, and this five-day course is a prerequisite for APO certification, after which participants will undergo evaluation and assessment by the accredited certification bodies.

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Date 23 May 2022 -
27 May 2022
Organizer National Productivity Organization, Pakistan, and APO Secretariat
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