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Training Course on Greening Supply Chains through Industry 4.0

Numerous internal and external factors such as risk management, regulations, brand image, consumer demand, and innovation motivate large businesses to work with suppliers to improve business operations, integrate sustainability principles, and foster innovation to design ecofriendly products and services. Greening of supply chains calls for developing and implementing GSC programs, collaborative partnerships with vendors, and focusing on reverse logistics and product stewardship.

I4.0 technologies like AI, additive manufacturing, the IoT, and radiofrequency identification (RFID) enable greening in manufacturing, design, logistics, warehousing, and carbon emission management. Leveraging these technologies individually or in combination has positive implications for productivity, resource optimization, workforce skills, and environmental performance. This is in line with the APO Green Productivity concept. This training course will cover integration of I4.0 technologies into GSC frameworks.

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Date 22 July 2024 -
26 July 2024
Republic of China
Organizer China Productivity Center
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