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Training Course on Innovative Approaches in Aquaculture

Global seafood production has continued to increase annually, reaching 178 million tons in 2019. This increase primarily came from aquaculture production, while capture production has remained almost unchanged since 1990. According to the FAO, 48% of global seafood production in 2019 was from aquaculture. Five APO members (Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam) are listed in the top 10 aquaculture producers in the world, and six more (Cambodia, I.R. Iran, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Philippines, and Turkey) are listed in the top 20. Collectively, these APO members contributed approximately 30% of world aquaculture production (FAO, 2019).

This development is made possible by rapid advances in aquaculture technologies. Previously, marine product aquaculture was practiced mainly in coastal areas. Today, it is increasingly common in inland ponds. In addition, new, fast-growing, and disease-resistant species have been developed through biotechnology. Other advances are seen in aquaculture supply chains, with preservation technologies to maintain freshness and quality during transport becoming widespread.

These advanced technologies expand business opportunities in aquaculture and promote its productivity. This training course will discuss the latest technologies that promote smart transformation in aquaculture, thus contributing to achieving the goal of sustained productivity growth under the APO Vision 2025.

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Date 02 August 2022 -
05 August 2022
Organizer Ministry of Industry and Technology of Turkiye and APO Secretariat
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