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Training Course on IoT Applications for SMEs

Connecting machines and devices physically and digitally is the foundation of smart manufacturing and one of the first steps in digital transformation. The IoT can help to collect and share data generated in all business processes and is effective in monitoring quality, optimizing operations, and thus improving productivity. The adoption of the IoT has become an indispensable step for businesses to stay competitive.

As IoT technologies become more accessible, SMEs are in better positions to embrace simple, effective IoT applications. However, many do not have enough expertise to deploy IoT technologies or strategies for using data and connectivity, as indicated in a 2022 WEF report. Assisting SMEs in understanding IoT technologies and initiating IoT adoption is thus necessary for effective digital transformation in industries.

This training course aims to share trends and examples of IoT applications in SMEs and enhance participants’ understanding of how the IoT can be used to strengthen their productivity.

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Date 24 July 2023 -
28 July 2023
Republic of China
Organizer China Productivity Center
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