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Training Course on New Technology for Human Resources Management in the Public Sector

Sound HR management is key to building high-performance organizations. Qualified, motivated employees are closely tied to overall organizational productivity. This holds true for both the public and private sectors. The global pandemic and other trends have accelerated the adoption of technology into working life. Many organizations have teams working virtually in some way, whether it is with distributed teams, remote managers, or other hybrid models. These changes are accompanied by evolving practices in recruitment, training, performance management, and workforce planning. The private sector has led the integration of new technology solutions into HR functions, but public-sector managers need to follow suit and adapt these technologies to their context.

HR technology is one of the keys in ensuring that governments can attract, retain, and develop talent in the 21st century. However, the public sector lags behind the private sector in this. The technology available includes cloud-based HR tools, AI-based solutions, and advanced people analytics. They can be used across different stages of HR management such as recruitment, training, engagement, and performance management. Beyond productivity, these tools can be used to improve employee wellbeing.

This training course aims at enabling managers and HR personnel to navigate the range of HR tools for use in the public sector. It will include exposure to new HR technology and tools, their potential benefits, and frameworks to integrate them in systematic, culturally sensitive ways. Participants will be encouraged to think practically about the role of technology in HR management.

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Date 24 May 2022 -
27 May 2022
APO Secretariat
Organizer APO Secretariat
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