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Training Course on Productivity Measurement for Digitalized SMEs

Productivity measurement is a process of identifying the appropriate metrics and calculating their results to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of resource use. While digitalization offers many benefits to SMEs such as improved operations, reduced costs, and enhanced
customer experience, productivity measurement methodologies should be reviewed to reflect the impact of technological improvements.

The pandemic highlighted the importance of agility, resilience, and continuous learning for SMEs to adapt quickly to changing
circumstances, adopt new technologies, and measure productivity in real time to remain competitive. It also created a divide between SMEs with access to digital technologies and those without. Remote work and flexible working arrangements make it more difficult to measure
productivity accurately, as traditional measures such as hours worked are less relevant. Therefore, new approaches to measuring productivity in digitalized SMEs will be explored in this training course.

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Date 01 August 2023 -
04 August 2023
Republic of Korea
Organizer Korea Productivity Center and APO Secretariat
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