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Training Course on Regenerative Farming

Regenerative farming is an integrated approach to soil, plants, the environment in general to restore climate stability and healthy soil, end world hunger, and rebuild deteriorated social, ecological, and economic systems. The ADB listed regenerative farming as one of five key areas that support recovery from the impact of pandemic through greener development. Other areas are healthy, productive oceans, sustainable urban development and transport models, circular economy models, and renewable and efficient energy.

Many Asian countries face difficulties in promoting regenerative, environment-friendly, sustainable farming due to a lack of information and skills, resources, infrastructure, and policy and support systems. Regenerative farming improves land quality by using technologies and methods that revitalize the soil and environment and improve the overall ecosystem.

This training course will cover the principles, approaches, impacts, and successful models of regenerative farming to meet the conditions and needs of APO members.

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Date 23 January 2024 -
26 January 2024
Organizer National Productivity Centre of Cambodia and APO Secretariat
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