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Training Course on Service Quality Management in the Retail Industry

The pandemic changed how service is provided in the retail industry. SMEs make up a large portion of retailers in APO members, making the sector particularly vulnerable to disruptions. Some challenges may persist in the post-COVID-19 period, including reduced demand due to economic uncertainty, ongoing health and safety concerns, and need for investment in digital technology to remain competitive. e-Commerce sales in the region grew by 63% in 2020, according to a Salesforce report, indicating that technology can create new retail opportunities.

Customer experience and satisfaction are critical to the success of retail industry, and service quality plays a crucial role in maintaining customer loyalty and driving sales. The retailers can adapt to changing consumer interest in online shopping and remote services and discover new partnerships and collaborations on face-to-face customer interactions through introduction of technology in the post-pandemic era. Learning about techniques to improve service quality, particularly new customer connections to maximize revenue, will be beneficial for all member economies.

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Date 04 September 2023 -
08 September 2023
Republic of China
Organizer China Productivity Center
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