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Training Course on Smart Manufacturing Productivity Specialists

SM refers to the integration of advanced technologies and data analytics into manufacturing to optimize productivity, efficiency, and quality. An APO assessment of SM in 2020 found that the industrial structures of most members posed challenges for the transition to Industry 4.0. It is hard for MSMEs to define the starting point for the SM transformation. Combined efforts by governments and companies are thus needed to achieve digital transformation.

One strategy is to build the capacity of experts and professionals who can provide assistance and guidance to industry. The APO has conducted numerous capacity-building projects for productivity specialists. Since digitalization is becoming a priority for industry, this project is the latest initiative to expand the role of productivity specialists by equipping them with knowledge of SM. With the support of the COE on SM in the ROC, this course will be the starting point for the APO to develop more specialists in both productivity and digitalization.

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Date 21 August 2023 -
25 August 2023
Republic of China
Organizer China Productivity Center
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