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Training Course on Social Entrepreneurship

Social enterprises refer to businesses that prioritize purpose over profit in operational and strategic decisions. They exist to solve social and/or environmental problems and reinvest to achieve their goals. Despite varying definitions in different countries, social enterprises are commonly understood as economic entities standing at the intersection of business and social good, spearheading innovative solutions that generate economic value as well as drive social and environmental impacts. Nurturing social entrepreneurship has become a pivotal strategy for social innovation and sustainable, inclusive socioeconomic growth.

According to a 2024 WEF report, social enterprises globally generate around USD2 trillion in annual revenue and create nearly 200 million jobs. However, the significance of social entrepreneurship is often unrecognized, hindering the potential contributions of social enterprises. It is thus necessary to raise awareness of social entrepreneurship and develop a nurturing environment for it.

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Date 12 August 2024 -
15 August 2024
Organizer National Productivity Organisation, Bangladesh and APO Secretariat
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