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Training of Trainers and Consultants in Green Productivity

The IEA reported that global energy-related CO₂ emissions rose to 36.3 billion tons in 2021. This implies a strong relation between industrialization and emissions as economic activity intensified after the COVID-19 pandemic paralyzed growth in 2020. In addition to greenhouse gas emissions, unprecedented climatic conditions, pollution, and microplastics in oceans call for urgent action to limit global warming, protect the environment, and transform industry.

The Asia-Pacific region has seen a rapid rise in industrialization, especially manufacturing, in the last few decades by exploiting its vast natural resources, resulting in economic prosperity, employment generation, technology upgradation, and higher standards of living. However, to ensure sustainability and mitigate the ever-increasing global environmental challenges, the region needs to explore and adopt pathways to decouple industrial pollution and GDP growth.

Internationally, the recent UN Climate Change Conference of Parties in 2021 aim to limit the rise in global temperature to 1.5°C by focusing on mitigation, adaptation, financing, and collaboration. In line with this, the APO continued to promote the GP concept for productivity and quality enhancement of enterprises with the least environmental impact. The GP framework includes tools, techniques, and management systems for implementation through a methodology based on the plan–do–check–act cycle.

This training course is an effort to build a critical mass of GP specialists who can act as consultants, trainers, and promoters to assist industry in decoupling business growth from environmental degradation. It is a prerequisite for candidates for the APO-GPS 201:2019: Certification Scheme and Competency Standards for GP Specialists, after which participants will undergo evaluation and assessment by accredited certification bodies.

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Date 26 September 2022 -
30 September 2022
Republic of China
Organizer China Productivity Center and APO Secretariat
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