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Workshop Meeting of Heads of APO Certification Bodies

Since launching the APO-AB in 2018, seven CBs have been accredited and five NPOs or their affiliated organizations are in various stages of development to become CBs. The role of the APO-AB has become more significant in catering to needs of CBs so that they remain abreast of the latest CB standards compatible with international practices.

In the aftermath of COVID-19, the APO-AB took a number of initiatives including harmonization of APO productivity specialist certification schemes, revision of CB assessment standards, development of a CB impartiality plan, technical support for CB promotion, standardization of CB certificates, and, most importantly, the establishment of an MRA Framework for cross-border recognition of certified productivity specialists.

The 6th Annual Meeting of the APO-AB Council approved the organization of an inaugural workshop meeting of Heads of CBs for sharing experiences and challenges faced and enhancing mutual cooperation among CBs.

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Date 09 July 2024 -
12 July 2024
APO Secretariat
Organizer APO Secretariat
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