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Workshop on Agricultural Innovations for Climate Resilience

Agriculture has experienced challenges in maintaining and improving productivity under climate change, which is stressing crops with droughts, heat, salinity, and flooding. A report from Stanford University (2021) revealed that global farming productivity was 21% lower than it could have been without climate change. This indicates that climate change has basically wiped out about seven years of improvement in agricultural productivity over the past 60 years.

It is crucial to adopt innovations in agriculture to achieve multiple objectives, not only to adapt to climate change, but also to boost production to support growing populations and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural sector. Innovative technologies, techniques, tools, and models must be adopted quickly and widely in APO members.

This workshop will provide a platform for leaders to learn about the latest innovations and good practices in agriculture and discuss how to disseminate them in APO members.

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Date 12 September 2023 -
14 September 2023
Organizer Japan Productivity Center and APO Secretariat
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