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Workshop on Digital Government for Inclusive Public Service Delivery

Public services are changing with advances in technology. With ICT tools, citizens can access government services efficiently and easily. Forty-six percent of Asia-Pacific citizens expect to access government services more frequently in the future, with 73% believing that services have become more digitalized since the pandemic (Deloitte Digital Smart, 2022).

Government agencies face challenges in meeting citizens’ high expectations of digital service delivery to all, even in remote areas of developing countries. As most governments aim to modernize operations and processes through digitalization, they must consider how to offer services that are both accessible to citizens and conducive for businesses.

This workshop will discuss the effectiveness of digital transformation in the public sector, accessibility challenges, citizens’ engagement, and collaborative networks to benefit all, regardless of socioeconomic status and/or geographic location.

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Date 04 October 2023 -
06 October 2023
Organizer National Productivity Centre of Cambodia, Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation and APO Secretariat
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