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Workshop on Efficient Food Storage Technologies and Management Practices

With an expanding middle class and increased per capita income, the demand for food is shifting from quantity to quality. The demand for fresh, safe food is increasing worldwide. Maintaining food freshness and safety adds value and reduces food losses.

As most agricultural products are perishable, however, their quality starts deteriorating immediately after harvest due to respiration, water loss, insect pests, and diseases. Around 14% of food was lost after harvest before reaching retailers in 2016 (UN, 2020). Modern food storage technologies can help maintain quality throughout food value chains (FVCs) and reduce postharvest food losses. Efficient FVCs are therefore important for food storage management. They also contribute to increasing the income of the stakeholders involved.

This course will enhance the understanding of current FVC technologies and management practices for the preservation of agrifood product quality during storage, thereby increasing the productivity and competitiveness of agrifood enterprises in APO members.

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Date 20 September 2022 -
22 September 2022
Organizer National Productivity Council, India and APO Secretariat
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