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Workshop on Energy Efficiency and Management through Energy Analytics

According to the World Meteorological Organization, the average global temperature in 2021 was about 1.11°C above the preindustrial (1850–1900) levels and it was the 7th consecutive year when the global temperature was higher than 1°C above preindustrial levels. Climate change is now obvious and calls for urgent action. The transition to cleaner energy sources and adopting energy-efficient practices and technologies are pathways to achieve net-zero carbon emissions and cleaner industrialization.

The IEA reported that energy efficiency can contribute to a cumulative reduction of 13 gigatons of carbon emissions over the next decade. This reduction potential is surpassed only by renewables, indicating a huge gap to be filled through efficient operating practices and adopting cleaner technologies. Improving the operational efficiency of equipment allows enterprises to enhance productivity, profitability, and competitiveness with less environmental impact. Recent technological advances have contributed to increasing the design efficiency of plant machinery, but operational efficiency requires continuous measurement and analysis of key performance parameters. With huge amounts of data to be measured, logged, stored, and analyzed, smart metering solutions and various energy management software guides enterprises in taking data-driven decisions to achieve energy savings, conduct cost–benefit analysis of energy conservation options, and remotely gain insights into
business operations at a micro level.

Energy efficiency is a prominent tool of the Green Productivity concept developed by the APO which guides enterprises to be productive with minimal environmental impact of their operations. This workshop will enrich the knowledge base of participants on energy efficiency and management and explain applications of smart IoT-based digital tools for data measurement and storage.

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Date 15 November 2022 -
17 November 2022
Organizer National Productivity Organisation, Bangladesh, and APO Secretariat
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