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Workshop on Enhancing Employee Productivity in the Digital Workplace

According to an October 2021 World Economic Forum report, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift to a digital-first world, making businesses rethink their operations. One key to business success post-COVID-19 is embracing the digital culture. Despite the adoption of new work styles and accelerated digital transformation, some organizations are struggling to adjust, which can be damaging to productivity. A key task for organizations in a post-COVID-19 world is to maintain new work styles without decreasing worker productivity.

Fujitsu, a Japanese multinational ICT equipment and service corporation, conducted the Global Digital Transformation Survey 2021. The results emphasized the importance of resilience; automation of business processes; data-driven management; providing seamless customer experiences; humancentric, purpose-driven management; ensuring customer and community trust; and ecosystem-based business models. All these aim at increased productivity from adopting digital transformation and making it sustainable.

CIO, a US technology and IT magazine, quoted Gartner analyst Carol Rozwell in the January 2019 article “Digital workplace strategy: 10 steps to great agility, productivity.” The digital workplace is a business strategy aimed at boosting employee engagement and agility through consumerization of the work environment. This is meant to help individuals and teams work more productively while maintaining optimal operations. Computers, mobile devices, and productivity and collaboration applications are widely used, and virtual assistant technology, chatbots, and personal analytics have also become more common recently.

New communication and collaboration technologies are transforming the way employees interact in enterprises, opening doors to smarter, more productive work. Technology acts as a great enabler in improving workplace culture and engagement. This workshop will examine in detail how to enhance employee productivity in digital workplaces.

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Date 22 February 2022 -
25 February 2022
Organizer Thailand Productivity Institute and APO Secretariat
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