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Workshop on Food Innovation

Progress in processing technology, biotechnology, genetics, and nutritional science is driving food innovation, enabling the food sector to become more productive in today’s challenging environment.

Those innovations are impacting the entire food industry. New forms of food have been developed such as meat analogues, algae, and insects as new protein sources as well as functional food with specific nutrients. To plan strategies for long-term sustainable food supplies in the AsiaPacific, current developments and future trends must be considered by consolidating innovations from various perspectives. Developing countries, however, face difficulties in achieving innovation-based transformation due to a lack of information and skills, low investment, insufficient infrastructure, and weak business systems.

This workshop will examine case studies of recent and future food innovations and analyze opportunities to support and accelerate them in APO members.

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Date 25 July 2023 -
27 July 2023
Organizer Thailand Productivity Institute
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