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Workshop on Improving Agricultural Productivity through Mechanization

Farmers need to choose the most appropriate power source for any operation depending on the work to be done and on who is performing it. The level of mechanization should meet their needs effectively and efficiently (FAO, 2023).

Small farmers play an important role in most developing countries and communities. Mechanization makes agricultural processes more efficient, resulting in improved quality and increased yields. It also contributes to environmental sustainability by supporting the efficient use of natural resources such as water and land.

However, developing countries face difficulties in mechanization due to a lack of information and skills, limited resources, insufficient infrastructure, and weak cooperative work systems involving machinery and labor.

This workshop will examine the benefits and potential of mechanization, review case studies of mechanization appropriate for small farming operations, and analyze opportunities to improve agricultural productivity through mechanization in APO members.

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Date 06 November 2023 -
09 November 2023
Organizer National Productivity Organization, Pakistan
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