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Workshop on Innovative Transformation for Lifestyle and Service Sectors

The COVID-19 pandemic caused significant changes in the lifestyle and service sectors, including remote work, social distancing, and altered business hours. These trends will likely persist postpandemic. It has thus become imperative for the sectors to elevate both managerial and employee skills, reimagine business models, and boost productivity, particularly through the integration and adoption of digital technologies. The introduction of innovative digital transformation strategies presents opportunities for the lifestyle and service sectors. These technologies not only enhance customer engagement and streamline operations but also facilitate the development of novel products and the expansion of market reach. In a fast-paced, fiercely competitive business landscape, embracing digital transformation is not merely a choice but a necessity for sustained growth and success in the dynamic lifestyle and service sectors.

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Date 23 April 2024 -
25 April 2024
Organizer Singapore Productivity Centre and APO Secretariat
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