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Workshop on IoT Applications in Livestock Management

The UN FAO reported in 2019 that the global demand for livestock products was anticipated to double by 2050, most of which was expected in developing countries. The sector needs innovation to boost production with limited land and resources. In addition, the sector must achieve sustainability without causing irreparable environmental damage or exceeding global resources. According to the UN FAO, livestock-related greenhouse gas emissions was at 3.5 billion tons of CO2 equivalent in 2018, representing two-thirds of all emissions from agriculture.

The adoption of IoT and associated digital technologies is a key enabler to achieve both productivity and sustainability. It assists precision livestock farming (PLF) by collecting information for taking actions in a timely, precise manner for individual animals, herds, or flocks as needed. Through IoT applications, farmers can significantly improve the way they manage livestock farming.

Under its Vision 2025, the APO supports enhancing livestock productivity through smart transformation initiatives. This workshop will discuss recent IoT applications in livestock operations including the concept of PLF and observing good practices of selected farms in Thailand. It will also discuss how the IoT and PLF could be adopted in other APO members.

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Date 20 February 2023 -
23 February 2023
Organizer Thailand Productivity Institute
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