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Workshop on Job Redesign for the Service Sector

Job redesign refers to the reformation of work tasks and responsibilities to optimize processes and employee allocation for enhanced quality and productivity. While digital technologies support the workforce, and diversity, equity, and inclusion are crucial elements for innovation and profitability, as a 2023 WEF report indicated, it is necessary to rethink and restructure how work is defined and performed to attract and retain experienced talent while improving productivity.

Among APO members, Singapore has been a pioneer in job redesign, especially in the service sector, to optimize company resources and expand employee competence. The ROC and Japan emphasize workforce inclusiveness and improving employment conditions and environments. This workshop will provide references for job redesign strategies and practices, especially in the service sector which absorbs the most workers, to assist APO members in unleashing the potential of their abundant workforces and talent.

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Date 01 October 2024 -
04 October 2024
Organizer Singapore Productivity Centre
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