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Workshop on Performance Management Systems and Productivity of the Public Sector

Performance management systems are tools to measure, control, and improve operations to achieve strategic goals. In the public sector, they are applied to set standards for improving the performance, productivity, and quality of public service delivery.

Performance management has gained momentum in the public sector as a strategic approach to the management of public resources for efficient, effective performance. A report by the European Public Administration Network (Public-sector Leadership During the COVID-19 Crisis, 2021) stated that the public-sector workforce is required to work in new ways and contexts that include using new technology and tools and following new procedures and protocols governing remote work.

This calls for reexamination of existing performance management systems in the public sector. One crucial area is measurement to quantify improvements in behavior, motivation, and processes in an evolving, postpandemic environment. This workshop will explore new frameworks, tools, and recent advances in performance management systems to enhance the quality of the public-sector workforce and formulate strategic plans for promoting their adoption.

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Date 24 August 2022 -
26 August 2022
Sri Lanka
Organizer National Productivity Secretariat, Sri Lanka and APO Secretariat
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