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Workshop on Productivity Enhancement for Women Entrepreneurs

In the last decade, a growing number of women entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific has reshaped the business landscape. Some women entrepreneurs successfully overcame obstacles to forge their own entrepreneurial paths. However, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (2022) reports that on average women are less likely than men to start and succeed in businesses regardless of their interest in entrepreneurship. The issue was exacerbated by the pandemic. Women entrepreneurs suffered greater sales decreases compared with businesses owned by men (International Financial Corporation, 2022).

Mitigating negative conditions, narrowing the gender gap, and eliminating factors that hold back women entrepreneurs are crucial. Appropriate policy interventions should be in place to assist women entrepreneurs. This workshop will showcase effective support schemes and policy practices to address challenges and aid women entrepreneurs in enhancing productivity and developing successful businesses.

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Date 14 August 2023 -
17 August 2023
Organizer Singapore Productivity Centre (SGPC)
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