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Workshop on Public Service Innovation in the New Normal

The fundamental concept of innovation is the introduction of something new and relevant, perhaps contrary to established norms or customs. For public-sector organizations operating in the new normal, innovation means modernizing processes and enhancing the quality of life for citizens. Citizens now expect more from their governments. The ways they interact with their governments have changed as a result of technology, giving rise to more complex demands (UN/DESA, 2020).

Creative strategies are needed in the public sector as a result of these raised expectations, new challenges brought on by complicated problems, and financial constraints.

Given this situation, the delivery of public services should be innovated to ensure that governments are responsive and have crisis management procedures in place along with the necessary data and intelligence to act effectively and efficiently. This workshop will explore how to employ more innovation initiatives in public services.

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Date 14 August 2023 -
16 August 2023
Organizer Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia and APO Secretariat
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