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Workshop on Reskilling the Public-sector Workforce

Reskilling the public-sector workforce is essential for effective public service delivery, especially with the rapid adoption of digital technologies revealing significant skill gaps in areas like AI and cloud computing. Addressing these gaps is crucial for maintaining operational continuity, efficiency, and speed while reducing costs. A digitally proficient workforce enhances inclusively and accessibility, making services more equitable for all citizens.

By promoting innovation and agility through diverse career paths and public-private partnerships, the public sector can better adapt to changing circumstances. Leadership is vital in aligning upskilling efforts with organizational goals and redefining performance management to support continuous learning. Balancing the development of both technical and soft skills ensures a well-rounded workforce capable of handling complex challenges. Investing in reskilling initiatives ultimately prepares the public sector for future demands, creating a resilient, responsive, and future-ready workforce.

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Date 17 September 2024 -
20 September 2024
Organizer Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia
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