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Workshop on Service Quality and Productivity Gainsharing

Productivity gainsharing is one powerful way to encourage more productive and more efficient work of employees, while enhancing service quality. It is a win–win approach to organizational productivity, particularly for service providers.
Gainsharing is regarded as an effective management system that enables higher levels of productivity and quality through the participation of workers. Productivity gainsharing plans compare the changes in productivity performance during a given period against a baseline level. When the productivity level exceeds the baseline, a percentage of profits is shared proportionately with employees who contributed to improvements. Gainsharing therefore motivates staff performance and enhances organizational service quality across sectors.

Gainsharing also promotes teamwork as managers communicate goals and involve staff in planning processes and implementing activities. Human capital potential is maximized, and high achievers are
retained. Designing a gainsharing incentive system is essential for organizations aiming to achieve new business goals, service innovation, and quality improvement.
This workshop will explain the gainsharing concept and frameworks to enhance service quality for customers and provide rewards to employees for improved productivity. It will examine case studies of productivity gainsharing applications in organizations to enhance the quality of their service.

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Date 28 November 2022 -
30 November 2022
APO Secretariat
Organizer APO Secretariat
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