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Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship for Persons with Disabilities

The unemployment, underemployment, and exclusion of persons with disabilities from the labor market incur social and economic losses estimated at 3–7% of GDP in Africa and Asia (ESCAP, 2020). It is crucial to be mindful of these significant expenses and to incorporate disability inclusion while designing policies to support decent work and productive employment.

The COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately affected PWDs. Many lost their jobs or experienced reduced hours, exacerbating existing inequalities and challenges. Social entrepreneurship can provide tools for addressing the challenges faced by PWDs to overcome barriers and generate multiplier effects.

This workshop will provide a platform for addressing challenges faced by PWDs to promote their inclusion in the workforce, examine entrepreneurial support initiatives for PWDs, and explore innovative solutions to create more sustainable, accessible workplaces by leveraging the power of social entrepreneurship.

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Date 14 November 2023 -
17 November 2023
Organizer Lao National Productivity Organization
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