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Workshop on Strategic Marketing for Digital Transformation

The APO is mandated to support productivity enhancement in its members through SME development and digital upgrading. Easier access to digital devices and technologies enables SMEs to leverage resources and approach customers that were previously difficult to reach. Understanding how to apply digital means for strategic marketing is crucial for smaller businesses to stay resilient, be more competitive, and achieve digital transformation.

A WEF report in 2023 highlighted the importance of digital marketing to drive the recovery of small businesses and help them reach new, global customer bases. However, the gap between businesses’ digital marketing expenditures and performance has widened, according to a 2022 Harvard Business Review analysis. This workshop aims to discuss key success factors for effective digital strategic marketing and how it can drive productivity and digitalization efforts.

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Date 10 September 2024 -
13 September 2024
Organizer National Productivity Organization, Pakistan
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