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Workshop on Talent Development for the Future of Work

The future of work encompasses changes in work, the workforce, and the workplace with significant changes to be anticipated. One is the rise of smart factories and workplaces, undergirded by technologies like intelligent co-robots, management by algorithm, and the Internet of Things. Another is the emergence of the platform economy, where increasing connectivity has created a digitally mediated product and labor market. In these online platforms, workers can find short- and long-term jobs, and goods and services can be ordered from nearly anywhere in the world. The broad impact of these trends is the creation of new jobs, disappearance of old jobs, and growing possibilities of regional or even global skill mismatches.

COVID-19 has accelerated these changes, with the workforce emerging from the pandemic different from the one that entered it. The most significant shifts are occurring in how organizations approach the talent they have, the talent they need, and the expectations of their talent. To prepare for the future of work, APO member economies need to understand how to develop talent to keep up with changing skill demand by investing in workforce skills through education and lifelong learning. Employers must also shift practices to meet the changing needs and demands of workers, improve the employee experience, and focus on work design.

This workshop will examine the changing landscape of work and its possible trajectories and investigate different models of talent development emerging around the Asia-Pacific and beyond. Participants will be encouraged to think critically and practically about the future of work and how it may affect talent development in their own national and local contexts.

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Date 29 March 2022 -
31 March 2022
Organizer Thailand Productivity Institute and APO Secretariat
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