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Workshop on the Aging Agricultural Labor Population

The ADB reported in 2020 that the aging of the farming population was a major concern in both developed and developing APO members including the ROC, India, Indonesia, Japan, the ROK, and the Philippines. The aging of farmers is a significant concern with several serious implications such as labor shortages, lower productivity, rural depopulation, and decreased food security.

Governments are adopting various policies and schemes to aid aging farmers in managing farm operations and to attract young people to agriculture. Efforts have been made by local governments, communities, and the private sector to empower the elderly and encourage young people to establish sustainable, inclusive agri-based rural communities.

Addressing this issue requires a combination of efforts from both sectors aimed at attracting young people, utilizing technology and innovation, and improving working environments.

This workshop will examine aging issues from various viewpoints to identify possible holistic solutions in APO economies.

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Date 10 May 2023 -
12 May 2023
Republic of China
Organizer Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, R.O.C., China Productivity Center, and APO Secretariat
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