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Workshop on the Business Model Canvas for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Innovation and entrepreneurship are major drivers of competitiveness and productivity. Ideas and entrepreneurial minds are what businesses and governments endeavor to capture and retain to pursue innovation; however, as identified in an OECD report in 2023, a common challenge entrepreneurs and startups face is the opportunity and capability to examine, articulate, and convey their ideas before resources are committed and leveraged to realize their visions. Entrepreneurs need not only financial and policy assistance but also practical tools and methodologies to embody their visions and ideas.

The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool that helps to visualize key elements of business ideas, validate and refine assumptions, and identify potential risks or gaps in the ideation process. Since its creation, it has been widely adopted by businesses and applied in various sectors and aspects of operations. Familiarizing entrepreneurs and organizations supporting startups and innovation with this tool and trends of entrepreneurship development can contribute to the creation of nurturing ecosystems for entrepreneurship and startups.

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Date 25 June 2024 -
28 June 2024
Organizer Singapore Productivity Centre
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