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Workshop on the Future of the Creative Economy

UNCTAD defines creative industries as cycles of creating, producing, and distributing goods and services that use creativity and intellectual capital as primary inputs focused on but not limited to culture and heritage, generating revenue from trade and intellectual property rights. Such knowledge-based activities produce tangible goods and intangible intellectual or artistic services with economic value. They are at the crossroads of artisanal, service, and industrial sectors. Integrating creative industries with Industry 4.0 can overcome market size constraints and significantly boost growth. A 2021 Deloitte report predicted that the creative sector would outpace overall economic growth in the postpandemic era.

This workshop will identify challenges, potentials, and directions of the creative economy among APO members and explore ways to enhance creative industries through Industry 4.0 integration and growth-oriented policies.

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Date 22 November 2023 -
24 November 2023
Organizer Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia and APO Secretariat
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