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This information center provides media professionals links to key resources pertaining to the APO, its stakeholders, and productivity topics. 


Dr. AKP Mochtan assumed the post of APO Secretary-General on 16 September 2019. He arrived at the Secretariat in Tokyo after serving as Deputy Secretary-General of ASEAN, from August 2013 until August 2019. >>


The APO basically comprises the Governing Body, the NPOs, and the Secretariat, which is headed by the Secretary-General. >>

Members Economies

APO membership is open to countries in Asia and the Pacific which are members of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. >>


What does the APO do? Why does it promote productivity in the Asia region, and how does it do that? Find out quick answers to all you wanted to know about the APO, its Secretariat, the NPOs, and its key functions. >>


The APO is guided by three strategic directions: strengthen NPOs and promote development of SMEs and communities; catalyze innovation-led productivity growth; and promote green productivity.

APO Convention

The objective of the Organization is, by mutual cooperation, to increase productivity in the countries of Asia. The Organization, a productivity organization of Asian countries, shall be non-political, non-profit making, and non-discriminatory in character.

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