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Premier of the Executive Yuan Den-Yih Wu, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Thomas Ping-Fu Hou, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Mr. Francis [Read More]

Mr. Somdy Inmyxai, Chair of the APO Governing Body, Dr Guo-Ming Wang, Managing Director of the China Productivity Center (CPC), Dr. Pao Cheng Chang, President of [Read More]

Ấm lời chào đến tất cả! (Warm greetings to all!)

It is my great pleasure to address the stakeholders of the productivity movement in the [Read More]

Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is my great pleasure to welcome the APO Directors, advisers, and observers to the 53rd session of the APO Governing Body. I [Read More]

President Tsuneaki Taniguchi of the Japan Productivity Center, Vice Chairman Hiroshi Tomono of the Kansai Productivity Center, The 30 participants representing all the 18 member countries [Read More]

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