Agritourism Business Development
Duration:3 July–2 December 2017
Controlled-environment Agriculture
Duration:1 June– 20 December 2017
Applying Green Productivity Based on ISO14001 Standards
Duration:1 July–31 December 2017
Material Flow Cost Accounting (ISO14051)
Duration:1 July–31 December 2017
Rural Entrepreneurship Development
Duration:11 September 2017–10 February 2018
Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001)
Duration: 1 January– 31 December 2017
Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation (Basic)
Duration:1 July–31 December 2017
Productivity Tools and Techniques (Basic)
Duration: 1 April–31 December 2018
Productivity Tools and Techniques (Advanced) 
Duration:1 July–31 December 2018
Food Safety Management (Basic)
Duration:9 June–8 November 2017
Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)
Duration: 26 April– 25 September 2017