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APO-AB grants accreditation to CB of the NPO I.R. Iran

7 Dec 2023

The Asian Productivity Organization Accreditation Body (APO-AB) achieved another milestone with the accreditation of the I.R. Iran Productivity Certification Body (IPCB) in November. The IPCB is the sixth CB among APO members to demonstrate compliance with the APO-AB standards for certifying productivity specialists.

“The IPCB succeeded in APO-AB accreditation after a period of hard work in order to meet the requirements of APO-AB documents and standards, and with the valuable contributions and consultations of the APO-AB team,” stated APO Director and NPO Head of I.R. Iran Dr. Mir Saman Pishvaee. “I believe that the IPCB commitments will lead to the verification and utilization of the competence, knowledge, and abilities of certified productivity specialists in the productivity community across the country through reliable related processes under the scheme of APO Productivity Specialists,” he added.

He appreciated members of the APO-AB and NPO of I.R. Iran for all of their endeavors and consultations for the development of the IPCB.

Dr. Mir Saman Pishvaee
APO Director and NPO Head of I.R. Iran

“APO accreditation provides confidence to the public that there is a structured CB to assess whether an individual possesses the required knowledge, skills, and abilities as a productivity specialist. It ensures that the certified person has been evaluated and assessed by a neutral, impartial, competent system,” said IPCB Head of Certification Farzad Nezakati. “I would envisage that in the not-so-distant future IPCB-certified Productivity Specialists can make significant contributions to enhance productivity indicators nationwide and internationally. They will play a variety of roles such as consultants, trainers, promoters, and researchers based on their competencies,” he added.

Farzad Nezakati
IPCB Head of Certification

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