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APO-AB grants accreditation to NPC-CB

3 Aug 2023

The Asian Productivity Organization Accreditation Body (APO-AB) achieved another milestone with the accreditation of the National Productivity Council Certification Body (NPC-CB), India, in July. The NPC-CB is the fifth CB among APO members to demonstrate compliance with the APO-AB standards for certifying productivity specialists.

“I am happy to announce that the APO has granted accreditation to the NPC as a certification body, recognizing its competency and expertise in the field of productivity in the country,” stated former NPC Director General Sundeep Kumar Nayak, IAS. With APO accreditation, the NPC is now equipped to certify professionals as productivity specialists. The recognition of the NPC as an APO CB opens up new avenues for developing productivity specialists in the country, which will undoubtedly contribute to national economic growth and competitiveness.

Former NPC Director General Sundeep Kumar Nayak, IAS.

“In its commitment to propagate productivity consciousness and culture among government, business, and society, the NPC has embarked upon an ambitious journey to create a pool of trained productivity specialists in the country,” former Director General Nayak added. The application of the Productivity Specialists’ Certification scheme will expand and raise the level of NPC operations, confirming the quality and proficiency of its services and strengthening its productivity leadership throughout India. With the accreditation of the NPC-CB, it will be able to contribute even more to the national productivity movement as well as socioeconomic development.

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