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APO conducts training of young productivity practitioners

21 Jun 2023

The National Productivity Centre of Cambodia together with the APO Secretariat organized an online training program on the Development of Productivity Practitioners among the Youth, 30 May–2 June. It was attended by 33 participants from 11 APO members, including professionals from National Productivity Organizations (NPOs), government agencies, and private-sector enterprises. The program familiarized participants with key concepts of productivity improvement, provided knowledge of basic productivity tools and techniques, and facilitated networking opportunities among young productivity practitioners.

The Development of Productivity Practitioners is a flagship program of the APO designed to cultivate cadres of productivity experts within member economies. It equips participants, who are either already working in the field or professionals from NPOs, with the necessary knowledge and skills to become productivity consultants and trainers. This initiative aligns with the APO Vision 2025, which emphasizes inclusivity within the productivity movement. Considering the significant youth populations in the Asia-Pacific, it is crucial to enhance their understanding of productivity improvement. As job markets become increasingly competitive, possessing productivity knowledge and skills will offer them a distinct advantage.

The training sessions were conducted by five experts, two from Cambodia and one each from Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. They delivered valuable insights on topics such as total quality management, the role of digitalization in productivity, and the impact of AI. They also shared best practices, discussed challenges that impede productivity among the youth, and explained various productivity enhancement initiatives at organizational and sectoral levels. By encouraging young professionals to embrace and promote the productivity culture, the APO aims to support NPOs in driving national productivity movements.

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