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APO Liaison Officers concur on the need for more impactful projects

22 Feb 2023

Attendees at the APO Liaison Officers’ Meeting (LOM), the first held in person after the start of the pandemic, deliberated on several key points aimed at strengthening project implementation in 2023. Special emphasis was placed on how projects could deliver greater impacts.

APO Secretary-General Dr. Indra Pradana Singawinata appreciated the contributions of the Liaison Officers (LOs) and NPO representatives in sharing ideas to improve APO project implementation in 2023. He also stated that the three-day interaction had rekindled friendships, strengthening the bonds of the APO family. The descriptions of successful practices of project implementation had opened up possibilities for further improvements, he added. Secretary-General Dr. Indra emphasized the importance of recognizing stakeholders’ efforts to secure the necessary resources for APO activities. The demonstration of solid outputs/achievements from those activities was therefore crucial.

The LOM also facilitated exchanges of ideas on the promotion of APO projects, APO alumni networks, the new ERP system, and project follow-up. The LOM concluded with a renewed spirit of mutual collaboration among LOs.

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