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APO Quiz Winners

2 Feb 2008

APO Secretariat staff displaying prizes after quiz draw

The APO News quiz contest in the December 2007 issue received 76 entries including 50 with 100% correct answers (please see below for answers). The prizewinners were decided through a lucky draw performed by APO Secretariat staff members. Our congratulations to all the winners, who will receive their prizes soon. We also thank everyone for enthusiastic participation in the quiz.

Winners of diary planners

  • Suborna Shekhor Ahmed (Bangladesh)
  • K.A. Krishnan (India)
  • Kalathur Srinivasan (India)
  • Mohamad Usman (Indonesia)
  • Park Soo Chul (Republic of Korea)
  • Rabindra Kumar Shakya (Nepal)
  • Myrna Atienza Tenorio (Philippines)
  • Gilbert Hu (Singapore)
  • Katika Samaneein (Thailand)
  • Nguyen The Cuong (Vietnam)
Winners of three APO publications

  • S. Shanmugam (India)
  • Hardadi Iijkito (Indonesia)
  • Haris Budiyono (Indonesia)
  • Hartono Rudi (Indonesia)
  • Robert Wesley Shihar Sira (Indonesia)
  • Ahmad Navid (Iran)
  • Yass Yousefi Yekta (Iran)
  • Fouzan Muhammad (Pakistan)
  • M. Mohsin Iqbal (Pakistan)
  • Chanda R. Inocencio (Philippines)

Winners of APO T-shirts

  • Mohamed Saad El-Ashkar (Egypt)
  • Nazila Sedghi Sigarchi (Iran)
  • Souvanthong Namvong (Lao PDR)
  • N. Tuul (Mongolia)
  • Bindra Devi Shakya (Nepal)
  • Syed Muhammad Ul Haque (Pakistan)
  • Sarmad Mohsin (Pakistan)
  • James Lek Chun Hou (Singapore)
  • Mangala De Zoysa (Sri Lanka)
  • Le Vu Soai (Vietnam)

Answers to the APO News Quiz 2007
(correct answers in bold)

1. The International Productivity Conference 2007 on Knowledge Management from Brain to Business was held in:

a) Bangkok b) Tokyo c) New Delhi

2. ISO22000 is related to:

a) Occupational health and safety management b) Food safety c) Corporate social responsibility

3. A detailed need-assessment survey of NPOs was held under:

a) Bilateral Cooperation Between NPOs (BCBN) b) Technical Expert Service (TES) c) Development of NPOs (DON)

4. How many experts did the APO dispatch to the TICAD Ministerial Conference?

a) 2 b) 3 c) 5

5. Oita prefecture, Japan, is associated with:

a) Automobile production b) Silk weaving c) The One Village, One Product movement

6. Which organization collaborated with the APO in implementing e-learning courses?

a) ILO b) World Bank c) UN Volunteers

7. The 47th and 48th Workshop Meetings of the Heads of NPOs were held in:

a) Bali and Ulaanbaatar, respectively b) Bali and Hanoi, respectively c) Hanoi and Ulaanbaatar, respectively

8. In its efforts to strengthen its think tank role, how many APO fact-finding missions were dispatched to the USA and Europe in 2007?

a) 3 b) 5 c) 7

9. Which Japanese word means “the art of manufacturing”?

a) Kaizen b) Monozukuri c) Jidokan

10. The fourth International Eco-products Fair, EPIF 2008, will be hosted by:

a) Thailand b) Singapore c) Vietnam
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